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NSF Award will fund a "Partnership for Innovation" Project

It only took 14 months since submission, but we have finally received the Notice of Award for a collaborative project between the University of Rochester (under the leadership of our long-time collaborator, Dr. Jim McGrath), MicrobPlex and St. John Fisher University. The award will fund work to develop novel diagnostic devices based on UR's proprietary nano membrane technology and our PETL microfluidics platform. Biology student Dom Tabechian (SJF'24) has already started working on this project over the summer,. The award spans 3 years and will provide further opportunities at Fisher for undergraduate research in the Ontiveros Lab and graduate research in the School of Pharmacy, directed by Dr. Todd Camenisch.

NSF-PFI-RP: The rapid and specific detection of infectious pathogens using ultrathin porous membranes as sensors (2234394).


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