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NSF-ROA Award for Covid-19 Research

This summer we joined the McGrath Lab at U of R and the Stennet Lab at Hobart and William Smith Colleges to design a point of care diagnostic device for SARS-CoV-2. The supplemental award of $12,000 funded Dr. Stenner and Dr. Ontiveros for 3 months before the start of the semester. While the HWS group focused on the processing of saliva and our friends at UR worked on functionalizing their membranes, we worked on designing PETL fluidics for the device. The work is still in progress, but it has already been extremely beneficial to us: The requirements of output indicators, manual pumping capabilities and waste sinks have driven us to successfully incorporate new materials into our devices. It was also great to join the effort with the Stennet and Mcgrath groups : ) See more here:


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